Training on best practices and tools for remote learning and effective use of technology inside the classroom

The use of information and communication technologies in education play a crucial role in providing new and innovative forms of support to teachers, students, and the learning process at large. As such, we provide training for teachers on a wide range of solutions and tools that covers different educational matters like online teaching, evaluation, differentiation, collaboration, active teaching methods, and others. Training can also be personalized according to the specific needs and accompanied by thorough follow-up

Consultancy for your technology and online learning needs

As a team of educators and digital veterans, we have synergized our multi-year expertise around your online learning needs to dive deep into each project’s specifics to achieve measurable results. Our training modules differ and depend on the seniority and the learning ability of the employees; as such, our consultancy service will help guide organizations and educational institutions to find complete solutions and adequate tools for their e-learning and edtech needs.

Instructional design for online courses

We have extensive experience in delivering highly productive and robust content for the education industry. To help you develop rich content for your online courses, we have designed a condensed instructional design content producing curriculum including videos, infographics, mind maps, presentations, activities, and more, for both online and blended courses.

Training on MS Office software, video editing and image editing tools

Our specialized technology solutions and services for the education industry have greatly helped our clients digitize their processes and achieve greater efficiency in saving time and controlling costs. This training is provided on basic and advanced MS Office software (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others) and Office365 platform for educators, entrepreneurs, employees in SMEs, and any person wishing to gain these deeply helpful technical skills.

Teaching Arabic and Levantine dialect for non-native speakers

Arabic for non-native speakers is accessible to all university students and above all over the world whose mother language is not Arabic. This training program offers courses covering the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in addition to phonetics, vocabulary and composition. Courses are delivered in two formats: private or in small groups.

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