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How can electronic content be interactive?

[ June 14, 2022 ]

Written by Randa Abdul Ilah Mikati

There are many forms of electronic content that can be used in education:

  •  Video
  • Ebook
  • Presentation 
  • File pdf
  • Website
  • Picture or Infographics 

How can I encourage students to interacts with the content?

How can I follow my students’ engagement with the content and their understanding?

How can I give my students extra resources at the right moment?

To transfer paper-based content to electronic content, it is not enough to scan these documents. The results are just static electronic content that most of the time are not attractive to students.

There is an important addition we can add to any electronic content is to make it interactive wich make students more engaged. With this kind of interactive content, the teacher can monitor the progress and understanding to their students of the content. 

All kind of content is usually directed into one direction to give some statice information to the knowledge seeker (student). Students when going through interactive content, they might get some feedback about their understanding, they might get to learn more if some aspects that interest him/her. When content is interactive you can questions, comments, links, pictures, or sometimes voice notes to your static content to help students better understand and engage with the content.

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